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Based on MOE's primary school Chinese textbook syllabus

Get exam-ready with our flashcards! We cover all essential vocabulary and phrases from within and beyond the textbook. 

JiyiTidbits Mascot on a skateboard
Demonstration of JiyiTidbits Flashcards
JiyiTidbits Mascot on a skateboard


Learn through play with fun & engaging flashcard games!

Studying Chinese is a piece of cake when you can learn through play! Enhance your child's learning and test their understanding through simple games. Gameplay instruction sheet & answer key comes with every box.

Mr. Koh

(Grandfather of P3 Student)

"My grandson is more interested to study. The Hanyupinyin, english explanation makes it easier for him to learn. After a while, he remembers the meaning of the word once he sees it."


(Parent of P6 Student)

"We will practice the 词语 (words) together by reading it aloud and she will explain to me the meaning of the 词语 in English. 

She is able to understand and remember the 词语 better. For words that we are unfamiliar, there’s 汉语拼音 (hanyupinyin) and 造句 (sentence) to guide us."

Stephanie Choo

(Parent of P6 Student)

"The english explanation behind the card is easy to understand. (She uses it) almost everyday while revising for the PSLE exams. My daughter's grade has improved after using the cards."


PSLE 2022 AL3 

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