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6B 记忆饼干 Flashcards

6B 记忆饼干 Flashcards

Grab this special edition with additional vocabulary beyond the textbook! 


Based on MOE’s latest syllabus, our 6B 记忆饼干 Flashcards are crafted to help students master all must-learn vocabulary within and beyond the classroom. Each box contains 264 unique double-sided flashcards with gameplay instructions included. Bilingual definitions and sentence examples are provided to strengthen reading and comprehension.


Our flashcards are designed to offer a novel and innovative learning experience for students. The fun and engaging games promote self-learning and develop students’ interest and confidence in learning Chinese. Students can test their knowledge in a fun and stress-free way. With 记忆饼干 Flashcards, students can easily learn, practice, and review Chinese vocabulary and phrases, improving test scores over time.

Each box contains:

  • 264 Flashcards
  • 1 Gameplay instruction sheet


L: 9.2cm, W:7.4cm, H: 6.9cm

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