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4A + 4B 记忆饼干 Flashcards Bundle

4A + 4B 记忆饼干 Flashcards Bundle

Based on MOE’s latest syllabus, our 4A and 4B 记忆饼干 Flashcards are crafted to help students master all must-learn vocabulary within and beyond the classroom.  Each box contains 264 unique double-sided flashcards with gameplay instructions included. Bilingual definitions and sentence examples are provided to strengthen reading and comprehension. 


Our flashcards are designed to offer a novel and innovative learning experience for students. The fun and engaging games promote self-learning, and develop students’ interest and confidence in learning Chinese. Students can test their knowledge in a fun and stress-free way. With 记忆饼干 Flashcards, students can easily learn, practice and review Chinese vocabulary and phrases,  improving test scores over time.

FREE door step delivery (worth $4)!

Grab this discounted bundle of 2 & learn all the vocabulary in the P3 syllabus.


Each box contains:

  • 264 Flashcards
  • 1 Gameplay instruction sheet


L: 9.2cm, W:7.4cm, H: 6.9cm

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